Recipe • Nam Yu Crispy Pork 南乳炸肉

This recipe which I'm sharing is an easy & flavorful meat dish. Nam Yu is also known as fermented red beancurd, often eaten as a side condiment with Teochew porridge or used as a marinate for meat.
Do give this homestyle Nam Yu Crispy Pork 南乳炸肉 a try! :)

350gm Pork Belly, remove skin
2 cubes of Fermented Red Beancurd + 1tsp of sauce
1 Egg
1tsp minced Garlic
1/2tsp Five Spices Powder
1/2tsp Sugar
2tsp Sesame Oil
2tsp Light Soy Sauce
3/4TBS Oyster Sauce
2TBS Hua Diao Wine
Dashes of White Pepper
4TBS (heap) Cornflour

•Remove pork belly skin. Cut into 3-4 pieces of 15cm length, 3cm thickness.
•Wash and pat dry.
•Marinate pork belly with the above ingredients, except cornflour.
•Mix in cornflour last, after pork belly is well-mixed with marinate.
•Leave in the fridge (Mine was 6hrs, overnight is ok too)
•Remove from fridge about 1hr before frying, mix pork belly with marinate again.
•Heat oil, deep fry the meat till golden brown.
•Increase temperature of oil and …

Recipe • Easy Sugar Cookie

I baked some sugar cookies as part of the birthday goody bags for Mini K's classmates.
He chose Paw Patrol theme this year as that's his current favorite cartoon. Well...No, in case you thought I baked & decorated the cookies in Paw Patrol characters! I'm not so talented! :D
I used dog and bone shape cookie cutters, only the labradors were made with this recipe.
The bone shapes were butter cookies from another recipe which I'll share separately.
This simple Sugar Cookie recipe is less buttery but it retains the shape very well and the surface doesn't brown much, so it's ideal if you intend to use royal icing. I skipped the icing decoration as I find it too sweet for his classmates who're mostly still 2yo+.

120gm Cake Flour
50gm Powdered Sugar
50gm Unsalted Butter (soften at room temp)
1 Egg Yolk (From Large Egg of approx 60gm)
1/2tsp Vanilla Essence

Please use the URL of this post if you'd tried and wish to share this recipe. Thank you!

Recipe • Deco Shiratama

Hi! Today's post is about Deco-Shiratama which is glutinous rice balls made into cute cartoon/animal form. I first chanced upon the recipe at Bentomonsters . It may look like a lot of work but really, it's not difficult! Serve it with your preferred Tong Shui (糖水,chinese dessert) or shaved ice dessert, yumz!
Here are some of my creations the past years :) Plain Shiratama Ingredients: 50gm Shiratama flour (白玉粉) 60gm Soft Tofu

If making deco-Shiratama: Wilton icing colour of your choice Bamboo Charcoal Powder or  Wilton BLACK icing colour + 1tsp Water
•Combine shiratama flour and tofu to form a soft dough, it should not feel crumbly yet not sticky on hands too. Add more flour or tofu, if needed. •Cut baking paper into smaller size, for placing decorated shiratama on them. •Separate the dough to different sizes, depending on what characters/shapes you plan to make. •Use a toothpick, dip into Wilton icing colour of your choice and swap onto the dough. Knead until evenly coloure…

Travel • Hotel Okura and Ikspiari Mall (Tokyo Nov 2016)

I booked a 3N stay at HotelOkura Tokyo Bayon Expedia as I wanted easy access to Disney Resorts. The initial plan was to visit both Disneyland and DisneySea but I decided to skip DisneySea while planning our itinerary and went for Mother Farm instead.

Okura Tokyo Bay's room are generally bigger as compared to other hotels in Japan. Even the bathrooms are huge, complete with a bathtub & separate standing shower. Initially, the staff could not honor my Expedia booking of "2 big beds" and offered us a room with 4 single beds instead. My concern was Mini K rolling off the single bed as he usually co-sleep with us. After understanding my concern, the staff agreed to push 2 of the single beds together to form a big bed and even offered to set up bed rails as extra safety precaution! Brownie Points awarded! They were accommodating although they were not able to communicate very well in English.
It was also a family-friendly hotel, there were children amenities like bedroom s…