Travel • UK Agro Resort (Sept 2017)

I noticed my blog posts are mostly recipes now and blogging of our family travels seem to have drew to a halt. I have quite a bit of travel updates but honestly, it's a lot more time consuming to draft a travel post than a recipe post!
I shall kick start with the most recent, that's UK Agro Resort, we visited during the school holiday week of September 2017.
This farm is situated in Kluang (Batu Pahat), Malaysia. Our initial plan was to make it a day trip which is really possible as the guided tour can be completed under 3 hours. However, we decided to make it a short getaway by driving to Kuala Lumpur after the farm visit. So if you also have the same intention to do a day trip, it will  be good to set off early.

We cleared Malaysia check point (2nd Link) at about 7:30am and reach UK Agro Resort at 9:40am. This was with the fact that we were led to a different place by our GPS! Don't repeat our mistake. If you are using the GPS, key in "UK Agro Resort" and NOT &…

Stuffed Tofu Puffs with Laksa fillings

I came up with this recipe, Stuffed Tofu Puffs with Laksa fillings, in conjunction with Prima Taste contest. Never did I expect it to taste like "otah otah (spiced fish paste wrapped in banana leaf) meet Thai fish cake"! It's not spicy like commercial otah otah, so it's suitable for children who are able to eat spice flavored food :) These tofu puffs make good party finger food too, serve these with a lime-chilli dip!

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(Makes 15 pcs)
200gm Minced Pork
120gm Fish Paste
8 medium sized Prawns, deshell and diced
2-3 TBS Chopped Carrot
15 Tau Pok (Tofu Puffs)
A handful of Laksa Leaves, julienned

1 pkt Prima Taste Laksa fried rice sauce
3/4 tsp Sugar
2 TBS Sake
1 TBS Light Soy Sauce
1 TBS Hua Diao Wine
Dashes of Pepper

Recipe • Herbal Lion Head Meatballs

I love herbal food, the more bitter the better! But of course with young children at home, I'm more cautious of the herbs used so it's usually the more basic type of herbal soups using herbal soup kits from reputable Chinese medical hall.

I was delighted when given this chance to try out Huiji Waist Tonic, this brand has been in the market for 25 years, and is one of the most trusted waist tonic brands in Singapore. It is made with 6 different kinds of premium-quality herbs: Cordyceps, Ginseng, Du Zhong, Dang Gui, Shou Wu and Da Zao. There is no alcohol content, added sugar, honey or thickening agents.
Besides consuming it twice a day as recommended, it can be used as an alternative to herbs when preparing herbal dishes.

Today's recipe, Huiji Herbal Lion Head Meatballs (汇集焖狮子头), is a dish suitable for young & old. Lil K kept drizzling his rice with the herbal gravy, it's delicious! Besides the recipe, there is also a giveaway by Huiji Waist Tonic. The link is at t…